Peter Mazohl is involved in research work mainly in the field of learning and teaching with the use of technical tools.

He developed a teaching method for the use of laptops in schools and is responsible for several web pages and blogs about learning and teaching focusing on eLearning and Blended Learning.

As a Blended Learning specialist, he is speaker at conferences (Blended learning Conference Wiener Neustadt, 2014; Quality in Blended Learning Conference Málaga, 2015) and symposiums.

Web pages

Published Books

Published Papers

  • Boosting blended learning quality, 2014, LLinE (Issue 4/2014)
    Full article
  • Blended Learning in learner-centered environments – a case study, 2015 (DigiLab)

Contributions (Conferences and Symposiums)

Qualitätskriterien im Blended Learning ausgerichtet auf den Lernenden, 2014, Symposium zur Professionalisierung der Lehrenden der Fortbildung (Tagungsband 2014), BMBF. ISBN 978-3-902959-01-0