Teacher and Trainer

    • More than 30 years of experience in teaching at a classic Grammar School (Sector school education)
    • Development of experimental school branches (Focus on ICT)
    • Teacher at Vocational High Schools (Sector VET)
    • Teaching experience in Italy (Liceo Virgilio, Rome) and Spain (ESO)
    • Lecturer at the Academy for Medical Assistants - Isotopes and dosimetry (Sector AE)
    • Lecturer (Mathematics) at the Vienna Technical University (since 2014)
    • Developer of the Teachers’ Education in ICT Curriculum
      (Pedagogic Institution of Lower Austria in Hollabrunn)
    • Trainer at more than 30 ICT Courses at places mentioned above
    • Trainer at more than 20 international IST-courses (LLP-Program Sector Comenius and Grundtvig) in Austria, Italy (La Sapienza, University of Rome) and Spain (Colegio Costa Adeje) with the subject
      • Multimedia Based Presentations
      • Multimedia and Interactivity in eLearning
      • Project Management
      • Content Management Systems (CMS)